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★ He Is She is ★

We all love to play the ‘coffee table psychology’ game and assess our peers’ moods, and actions so it’s with a big smile that I can announce the release of a new app that brings a very intuitive personality test into your iPhone’s screen. Whether you’re worried about a family member’s erratic behavior or you just want to get to the bottom of why your best buddy has been ignoring you for the last few days then He is She is can help you out.

All you have to do is create a profile for one or several individuals and input the data as it comes to you; the app will do the rest. With a wide range of potential actions and behavioral traits that are listed as ‘assigned keywords’ such as “smells of alcohol” or “refuse listen”, you can assign each keyword to each profile. The app will then amalgamate the information and produce results that can be surprisingly accurate.

He is She is: Discover The Reasons Behind Friends’ Behavior
The results can vary between sexual addiction, ADHD, paranoid, stressed, infidelity, alcoholic, psycho, and more (quite the bunch of mates you have!), however, you can use this advice to help your friends modify their behavior as well as drawing greater insight into who you choose to spend your time with.

she’s a psycho!
The layout of the app is very intuitive and pretty easy to use; you can also tips your friends on social media sites about the app.
He is She is - is a very fun way to get inside your friends’ heads; you can take it as seriously as you like by using it to assess any of your friends’ real problems or just have a bit of a giggle over which one of your mates thinks about sex the most!
It’s fun, innovative and very entertaining.
You can add several profiles meaning that you can keep tabs on your whole friend group.

Available in English, Spanish, French, Dutch, German and Swedish, ‘He is She is’ only requires an accurate checklist that will help you find out what exactly is going on with you, your spouse, your friends and even your own mother.


The app comes with a quick how-to and a UI that’s easy to navigate,

how-to of ‘He is She is’:

1. The first thing you see is a "Help" page on how the app works. Click on the page.

2. Inside the app, you will see the page with the label Assign keywords:

a. There is a mock profile. You can see the results of this profile, double-click on the profile.

b. You can add as many profiles as you want by clicking on the + sign (upper right side)

3. You can delete a profile (long) press profile

4. You can assign keyword over a longer period or put assign very behavior / keyword direct.

5. To see the words that are too long just tap on the keyword and look below.

6. Dashboard is where you can see exactly when you did put a certain keyword, can be used as proof for yourself. From there you can also see chart, click the chart icon.
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Publisher: GRsoft Labs
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Genre(s): Utilities, Health & Fitness
Filesize: 29MB
Age rating: 4+
App version: 1.4
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28 Feb 2013
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19 Feb 2013
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