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Top 5 Horror Games on iPad

Best of the survival-horror games for iPad

Fear is a great equaliser. Doesn’t matter if you’re a male or female, young or old, rich or poor - when The Fear kicks in, we all make the same noise. No, not that noise. Don’t be childish.

Capcom's seminal Ghosts 'n Goblins first scared the living daylights out of gamers over 25 years ago (and not just for being insanely hard), but precisely how frightening are contemporary horror titles?

To find out, Qi has ignored the the screams and ventured into the darkest reaches of the App Store to bring you the best horror games on iPad in all their blood-soaked glory.

So, barricade the doors, board up the windows, and throw a jacket over that evil-looking clown: it’s time to reveal the Top 5 iPad survival-horror games. You have been warned.

The old 'fight-or-flight' conundrum is only applicable when you have somewhere to run. In the claustrophobic corridors of EA's survival-shooter, Vandal is afforded no such luxury, so must resort to dissecting Necromorphs with plasma weapons in order to stay alive. When glowing laser beams offer little comfort, you know you're in trouble.
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Reality TV is terrifying enough when it focuses on Z-list celebrities stuffing live bugs into their dead-eyed faces. Swap the celebrities for violent mutants, and the bugs for... well, you, and you'll have some idea of what id Software's grotesquely gorgeous rail shooter has in store.
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We've already explored the unstoppable, the unbelievable, the unexpected, and the unconscious. Dead Runner ticks off the final horror motif...the unseen. Using the accelerometer, sprint through the spooky forest as fast as humanly possible. Else, the unthinkable might happen. Or even worse: appear.
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Listen up, fact fans. Despite the term 'survival-horror' being used retroactively to describe earlier examples of the sub-genre, it was actually coined in 1996 for the original Resident Evil. Three sequels later, and Leon S. Kennedy is still evading T-virus sufferers, this time on the hunt for the President's daughter. Ashley, in case you were curious.
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For what is ostensibly a zombie horror title, End Night HD forces you to spend a surprising amount of time hiding in lavatories, and taking baths to wash away infection. But, it is in these moments, when you are at your most vulnerable, that the fear really kicks in. By no means flawless, Ben Falcone's fright-fest is still a reliably tense game with some truly chilling moments. You might want to leave the light on.
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