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Top 5 First-Person Shooter Games on iPad

Best of the iPad first-person shooters

Once upon a time, there was a game called Wolfenstein 3D. Set in one of the first virtual 3D environments, it cast you as a brave American soldier trying to blast his way through an army of mutant Nazis.

This title gave birth to first-person shooters such as PC titles Doom and Quake, the success of which helped establish the genre as the default form for many modern gun games.

With so many different iron sights to stare down, however, it can be a little difficult to tell the perfect shots from the misfires. So, what ARE the Top 5 iPad first-person shooters?

Get ready to see just how far gaming has come as you assume the role of a brave American soldier trying to blast his way through an army of mutant Na...

Just look at the chart.

While you only need to glance at your console library to locate the inspiration for this present-day military FPS, that doesn't stop the game from being a solid shooter in its own right. It also offers one of the best iPad multiplayer experiences around. Lock and load.
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Though this shooting gallery sim might seem like yet another freemium blaster on the surface, don't be deceived. The impressive number of unlockable weapons, upgrades, and environments elevates Overkill above its peers, and Game Center support lets you compare your high score with the other 6 million players.
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"Shooting zombies is the only thing I'm good at... and I'm good. DAMN good." So says Shooter, the trigger-happy hero of our first undead chart offering. Protect survivors of the apocalypse by removing the head or destroying the brain. The zombies' heads, that is. Obviously.
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17 years after releasing Doom onto suspecting PC owners everywhere, id Software launched this iPad spin-off of its Rage console game. An on-rails shooter it may be, but that ought not to deter you from this dazzling and febrile post-apocalyptic adventure.
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The second of our dead-alive chart entries comes with a AAA pedigree that's difficult to match. Adapted from the Nazi Zombies mini-game in CoD: World at War on console, Call of Duty: Zombies features all four classic maps and wi-fi multiplayer. A more guilt-free gun-fest you will not find.
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