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Top 5 Platformers on iPad

Best platforming games for iPad

Before the first-person shooter became the default setting for every developer with an eye on the mass market, the humble platformer was king.

With only two dimensions to fall back on, 8-bit consoles played host to hundreds of two-dimensional tales of brave adventurers leaping across chasms in order to get from left to right.

While the popularity of this genre has dwindled on home consoles, it has found a loving home on iOS. To help you jump straight to the good stuff, we've explored the App Store to bring you our Top 5 platformers on iPad.

So, come with us as we take a leap into the iOS archives in search of platforming gold.

Whereas most protagonists rely on their leg for propulsion, LostWinds 2's Toku gets a little help from that most gusty of elements... the wind. Furthermore, he can switch between summer and winter at will, a skill most of us would quite like to have up our frostbitten sleeves.
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This planet-hopping platformer has been hailed by critics for its intelligent puzzles and haunting atmosphere. Take control of Inco and restore light to the universe by exploring the infinite unknown with a star by your side. Well worth a look.
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Clever gravity-based shenanigans abound in this stylishly presented effort from YoYo Games. Guide your monochromatic avatar through 11 minimalist worlds of omnidirectional platforming fun. Just time your jumps correctly, and let the game's multiple gravitational fields do the rest.
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Another chart entry with one eye on the past, Bulkypix's nightmarish nostagia trip is a charming combination of quirky creatures, big bosses, and pretty pixel art. A welcome reminder that 3D engines are not the only portals to gaming gratification.
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If you crave the 8-bit simplicity of old skool titles, then you might want to put this pixellated platformer through its paces. Collect coins, leap over gaps, let the chiptune soundtrack wash over you, and generally party like it's 1989.
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