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Top 5 Zelda-Inspired Games on iPad

Best ways to relive that Nintendo magic on iPad

Few video game series in history have shaped and influenced the games industry like Nintendo's Zelda has.

From the top-down 8-bit adventuring of the original in 1986 through interesting side-scrolling experiments and onto the lush 3D epics we have today, you can see its paw prints on every current gaming platform.

Yes, even the iPad. Whether the similarities are structural or aesthetic, there are plenty of nods to Nintendo's masterpiece on your Apple slate. With that in mind, let's take a look at the Top 5 Zelda-inspired games for iPad.

May the Triforce be with you!

LostWinds2 may be a side-scrolling platformer, but its biggest influence is undoubtedly Zelda. Of course, there was a side-scrolling Zelda back in the 1980s, but we're talking more about the gorgeous fantasy art style and the way you gradually unlock new abilities to progress through the world.
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Mage Gauntlet is more about relentless hack 'n' slash action than exploration, but the art style and simple joy of collecting loot are undeniably Zelda-like. The way it relegates many of the more esoteric RPG tropes like character progression to the background is another trick that this fine action-adventure game has learned from the master.
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Swordigo is another side-scrolling platformer that owes a huge debt to Zelda. Again, there's a bright Nintendo-esque world on show in this title, which offers up a familiar mixture of real-time hack 'n' slash combat and RPG-lite elements. Even the sound tips its metaphorical hat to the great series.
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Horn is a gorgeous 3D adventure game that cribs a lot from the more recent Zelda console games. Its innocent young protagonist, dreamy universe, enemies that burst with character, and gradually unfolding quest remind us of days spent roaming the fields of Hyrule. That's a very good thing.
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Some people swear that Link to the Past from the '90s is the best Zelda ever. Gamevil has chosen admirable source material, then, for its Zenonia series, which contains similar action-RPG gameplay, a detailed fantasy world, and a dramatic storyline that mixes in a good dollop of whimsy. Zenonia 4 is the latest in the series, and the only one so far to get its own dedicated iPad version.
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