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Top 5 Apps for Dining Out on iPad

Best ways to eat out on iPad

With disposable income scarcer than it’s been for decades, eating out is even more of a luxury than it used to be. When you do pop out for a bite to eat, then, it had better be good.

That’s where your wonderful iPad comes in. There are loads of brilliant apps to help make the dining out experience that much better - from apps that recommend restaurants to those that let you book tables.

Read on, then, for our Top 5 apps for dining out on iPad. Download these and your restaurant nightmares should be a thing of the past.

We hope you’re hungry.

The popular local search tool Yelp is handy for any number of things, but it's especially helpful when it comes to finding restaurants. And we mean 'finding' in every sense. For one thing, it lets you know where the nearest restaurants are using GPS. For another, it provides user reviews on each of them. It'll also tell you which are the cheapest.
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This app gives you a year's access to the highly regarded Zagat database of restaurant reviews. Its main USP is that it can be used offline, so it's the perfect tool for taking abroad when roaming charges can prove as prohibitive as the language barrier.
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Where To Eat's brilliantly simple interface enables you to find food in your locality based on ten key categories. So, whether you're looking for the best takeaway, a nice restaurant, the best fast food, or a top pub, the Where To Eat app will tell you... well, where to eat. It'll also give you instructions on how to get there and fill you in on what other users think of the place.
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If you're a foodie living in the UK, London is the place to go. It's got some of the most exciting restaurants not just in this country, but in the world. Time Out has served up a trusty guide to the nation's capital for years now, but this iPad app is particularly handy for checking out the latest, trendiest, and downright tastiest restaurants in the city.
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So, you have a whole heap of restaurant recommendations - how about booking a table? OpenTable will take care of that for you, allowing North American users to make reservations without being kept on hold by a snooty waiter. You'll also receive reward points for using it. For UK users, there's sister app Toptable.
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