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Top 5 iPad Games Updated for Christmas

Best ways to pass the festive period on iPad

As a shouty UK rocker once proclaimed, "It's Chriiiiiiistmaaaas."

Whether you view Noddy Holder's festive anthem as an exciting trumpet call or a warning to break out the isolation tank, you'll inevitably find yourself at a bit of a loose end at some point this Christmas.

Don't worry: we've assembled the Top 5 iPad games updated for Christmas to help you pass the time. Each comes packed with new content that's been specially created for the festive period.


Putting paid to the idea that you can't have a Grade A platformer on iPad once and for all, Wimp: Who Stole My Pants? HD has had quite a year. What better way for its publisher to celebrate than by releasing a new world containing 20 winter-themed levels and a new boss?
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Rayman Jungle Run has been one of the iOS highlights of 2012, so any excuse to play it some more is fine by us. This festive update includes 10 brand-new levels - one of which is a suitably snowy jungle.
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Rovio's Angry Birds Seasons HD is, in fact, one big collection of holiday updates, so its presence on this list is the least surprising of all. That doesn't make the Winter Wonderham update - complete with 25 new levels and a slippery new ice element - any less impressive, though.
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Snowy Winter Wonderland is the name of Kiloo's new Subway Surfers level, which says it all, really. As well as an icy theme, the update includes new boards and a new Elf Tricky character with which to slide between trains.
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You probably haven't run out of ways to tweak and improve Springfield in The Simpsons: Tapped Out, but here's a way to get into the seasonal swing of things. In the latest update, you can decorate Bart's home town with lights and decorations, as well as say 'hello' to Santa Homer.
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