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Top 5 Console Spin-Offs on iPad

Best ways to get your console kicks on iPad

Playing games on your iPad has really taken off in recent years, but that doesn't mean we don't have a hankering for a spot of console magic from time to time. We're all gamers here.

You can get a number of console classics on your Apple tablet, but they often lose something in translation - usually owing to the move from physical to touch controls. The best console spin-offs on iPad tend to have been rebuilt from the ground up with the iPad in mind.

Without further ado, then, let's reveal our Top 5 console spin-offs on iPad.

Console yourself with these beauties. Ahem.

Ubisoft's ace iPad platformer can trace its heritage back to Rayman Origins, a beautiful console 2D platformer. Realising that the console game's sharp controls simply wouldn't cut it on a touchscreen, the developer created a simple one-thumb speedrun game with water-tight controls using the same UbiArt engine that powers Rayman Origins. Expect the same gorgeous visuals, then.
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The small team behind Joe Danger on the home consoles took on a huge task with this iPad iteration, rebuilding the game from scratch with a simplified swipe-and-tap control system. The result is a brilliantly playable casual runner that feels perfectly at home on iPad.
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While Dead Space is another bespoke iPad experience, the truly remarkable aspect of it is how faithful it is to the console original. Considering THAT game was one of the most cinematic, atmospheric, and richly realised 3D action games of its time, that's some achievement.
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EA Mobile knows all about creating console-style racers for iPad, and Need for Speed: Most Wanted exemplifies this perfectly. A fluid 3D engine, sympathetic tilt controls, stunning visuals, and super-fast arcade racing are the key ingredients in this successful console spin-off.
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How do you get a one-on-one beat-'em-up to work acceptably on a touchscreen? To some, it's an impossible task. To Capcom, however, it's not. Street Fighter X Tekken Mobile simplifies the exacting control system of the console original without compromising its timelessly tactical brand of digital pugilism.
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