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Top 5 American-Football Games on iPad

Best ways to score a touchdown on iPad

While most of the world thinks of 'football' as a game played predominantly with the feet, Americans, well, don't. They think different.

Of course, American football has a considerable audience outside of the US, especially around Super Bowl time. And, so, with the next Super Bowl fast approaching, you might want to get into the spirit of things with one of these top-notch iPad gridiron games.

That's the team talk done. Now, here's our Top 5 American-football games on iPad.

First down!

This sequel to NaturalMotion's groundbreaking motion cap tackle alley sim is the best in the series. As in NFL Rivals, the goal in Backbreaker 2 is to run the gauntlet with your heavily padded athlete, spinning, dodging, and hurdling tackles on your way to the end zone. You get bonus points for style, as well as for steering through hotspots.
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Big Win Football stands out on this list for a number of reasons. In this card-battling title from Hothead, you assemble a deck of highly skilled players, Top Trumps-style, then improve their attributes and send them into 'battle' to pit their skills against the opposition. Earn coins and Big Bucks by playing games, levelling-up, and winning the Daily Bowl. Yep, the DAILY Bowl.
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American football is about more than just the running game, of course. There's also the kicking side of things, you see. In Flick Kick Field Goal, you attempt a series of field goals from increasingly tricky angles and distances, always taking the wind into account.
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Like Flick Kick Field Goal, NFL Kicker 13 is all about lumping that squashed ball between the posts. The difference here is that you can represent any one of the 32 official NFL teams. There are also precise punting challenges that require you to find the right area of the field with your kicks.
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EA's annual American-football sim is now as firmly established on iPad as it is on console. With Madden NFL 12 installed on your tablet, you can take control of every element of a complex gridiron game, from passing to running to kicking field goals and back to defence. Play this out over a full official season and let us know how you get on.
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