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Top 5 Monochrome Games on iPad

Best ways to see things in black and white on iPad

We're often told that life is rarely black and white. And when it comes to iOS games, that's definitely the case. Very literally the case, in fact.

While most iPad games are bursting with colour, however, there is a subset of games in which the dev has stripped things back to a stark monochrome palette. This is a very deliberate artistic choice, resulting in deeply atmospheric and often unsettling experiences.

Like movies shot in monochrome, black and white games are frequently the connoisseur's choice, so let's consider the Top 5 monochrome games on iPad.

Best played with a serious look on your face. And possibly a beret on your head.

In this beautiful physics-based puzzler, you move a little eyeball through a series of levels, latching onto surfaces and using gravity and momentum to your advantage. It's a bit like Cut the Rope, but the monochrome palette lends the experience a whole extra melancholic dimension.
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Playdead's critical console darling finally lands on iPad... and it's as wonderful as ever. Limbo is a deeply absorbing platform-puzzler that's not for the faint of heart. You play the part of a vulnerable (but resourceful) child lost in a hellish realm filled with nightmare creatures and fiendish traps.
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Monotaur is essentially a combination of Tilt to Live and Ikaruga. In it, you dart around a single-screen arcade arena using super-tight tilt controls. Your goal is as binary as the colour scheme - eat or avoid. It's a remarkably focused experience.
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Another physics-based puzzler starring a black and white eyeball now. Freeze! is more about manipulating the self-contained maze-like worlds around our hero than controlling the protagonist itself, mind. It's like one of those ball mazes you find in a cereal box... albeit with arty monochrome graphics.
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This enigmatic point-and-click adventure contains little guidance or backstory. Instead, David Mondou-Labbe supplies you with a mysterious world and a series of odd puzzles to negotiate. The whole monochrome style makes the world even spookier and more alien.
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