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Top 5 Final Fantasy Games on iPad

Best ways to celebrate Square Enix's iconic series on iPad

Square Enix's Final Fantasy games form one of the biggest and most popular RPG series ever.

Indeed, what we in the West have come to think of as the JRPG (Japanese role-playing game) genre has been heavily informed by Final Fantasy. For many of us, it was our first point of contact with turn-based battles, melodramatic end-of-world storylines, and manga-style characters.

Fortunately, many of these games have been expertly restored and even enhanced for iOS. Here, then, are the Top 5 Final Fantasy games on iPad.

Step this way for approximately 500 hours of chocobo-filled adventuring.

Final Fantasy IV marked a shift towards the slightly darker, more nuanced storytelling with which the series has become synonymous in recent years. This iOS version also features a full 3D engine, a claim to which only number III can similarly lay.
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After producing 3D versions of III and IV, Square Enix went back to 2D for Final Fantasy V. Still, Squeenix has specifically enhanced the simple sprites of the original game for iOS. The plot's a little weedy, sure, but V's job system continues to make it one of the most involved and customisable entries in the series.
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Many fans maintain that Final Fantasy VI is the best game in the series. It's certainly got one of the most interesting stories, with a potent tale of lost magic and steampunk technology. The only issue with this conversion is some occasionally unsympathetic 'enhanced' graphics.
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Final Fantasy Tactics represents a big departure from the main series. Rather than an epic conventional JRPG, it's more of a hardcore strategy game - like a game of fantasy chess, but with a million extra rules and a cool super-deformed art style.
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As we've mentioned, number III in the series marks a rare 3D iOS outing for the franchise, for it's been taken from an earlier Nintendo DS remake. In addition, it marks the first time Square used a job system in the series, offering a high degree of tactical flexibility.
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