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Top 5 JRPG Conversions on iPad

Best ways to relive the JRPG genre's heyday on iPad

Within the sprawling RPG genre there is one distinctive regional off-shoot that occasionally creeps out into the spotlight: the JRPG.

Japanese Role-Playing Games are different to their western counterparts. They tend to have distinctive anime-like aesthetics, complex turn-based battle systems, and epic plots that often incorporate end-of-world scenarios and spiky haired amnesiac teens.

Such games really hit their peak in the '90s and early '00s, which is why it's great that you can get the best of them on iPad. Here are the Top 5 JRPG conversions on iPad.

Just make sure you have at least 100 hours set aside.

Square Enix's Final Fantasy games represent arguably the best known JRPG series of the lot. The first of two to make this list is Final Fantasy IV, which somewhat unusually for the iOS series features the chunky 3D graphics of the earlier Nintendo DS remake.
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The World Ends With You is experimental in a genre that doesn't really do experimental. It's a riot of colours and ideas, complete with a swipe-based combat system (sacrilege!), quirky characters, and an imaginative take on Tokyo fashion.
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One of many '90s JRPGs to be all but forgotten among the hundreds of similar titles that were around at the time, Lunar Silver Star Story reminds us that the genre's not all about Square Enix's big hitters. It's a charming, funny adventure with a fresh battle system that encourages far more active participation than your average JRPG.
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While many have complained about this JRPG conversion's unsympathetically redrawn 2D sprite work, it's impossible to leave Final Fantasy VI off this list. Why? Because it's arguably the best game in the series, and thus one of the best JRPGs ever made.
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This lush 3D JRPG is of a much later vintage than the Final Fantasy games on this list. It shows, too, with a significantly more sophisticated and detailed world to explore. Dragon Quest VIII has also been completely re-engineered for iPad, with a new portrait view and simplified touch controls.
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