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Top 5 Sports Management Games on iPad

Best ways to map out the perfect game plan on iPad

Not everyone loves sport, but there's something for everyone that's minded to give it a go.

In a similar way, if you don't like playing sports action games on your iPad, there's a whole subset of games that focus on the tactical and management side of things.

Check out the Top 5 sports management games on iPad, and get thinking.

Your biggest challenge could be managing to find enough time to play them all.

For all you budding Christian Horners out there, the newest entry to this list is also arguably the best. Hire and fire staff, deal with sponsors, attract better drivers, and set up your race car for success. It's gripping stuff.
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Out of the Park Developments has been making compelling baseball management simulators for a while now, and the 2014 edition is the best yet. The level of micromanagement possible makes for an incredibly deep game, and the new stripped-back UI is most welcome.
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The Football Manager franchise is the undisputed king of football management games, and this latest mobile version gets the closest yet to the full PC game. It's packed full of real teams and players with an unparalleled roster of stats. A must-buy for sports management fans.
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A different kind of football to close out the list - that of the American variety. Big Win football is a lot simpler and more casual than many of the games on this list, but the hands-on training games and chunky art style keep dragging you back for more.
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Top Eleven may lack the real teams and players of Football Manager, but it makes up for that with a massively multiplayer focus and a surprisingly deep take on the great sport's financial side. It also has the approval of Jose Mourinho, which has to count for something.
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