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Top 10 UK Paid Apps on iPad

Everybody's heard about the birds

It's been a full week now since the new iPad was released, which has given early adopters a chance to get to grips with their latest digital squeeze.

Question is, what have those lucky few - and the remaining members of the iPad community - been dropping their coppers on over the past few days?

That's right folks: it's time to check out the Top 10 UK iPad paid apps charts.

Startling no one with its intantaneous success, the money magnet that is the Angry Birds franchise swooped straight to the top of the charts yesterday through Angry Birds Space HD.

It looks like people were paying close attention during the unveiling of the new iPad, by the way, for no fewer than four of the Top 10 entries this morning - iPhoto, Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy, GarageBand, and Sketchbook Pro - were demoed onstage alongside Apple's cutting-edge tablet.

Elsewhere, Pictionary imitator Draw Something is still capturing the public's imagination at #2, while The Night Sky continues to keep everyone's sights firmly fixed on the stars.

Will Pages continue to keep typists typing in their iTunes passwords over the following few days, and can Tiger Woods climb to the summit of the apps leaderboard?

Tune in next Friday to find out.

official Top 10 UK iPad Paid Apps chart (23 March 2012) is looking as follows:

  1. Angry Birds Space HD
  2. Draw Something
  3. iPhoto
  4. Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy
  5. Pages
  6. The Night Sky
  7. Osmos for iPad
  8. Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12 for iPad
  9. GarageBand
  10. SketchBook Pro for iPad
Top 10 UK Paid Apps on iPad image #1

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