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Magic Orbz

Magic Orbz

us AppAdvice 28 Nov 2012 10 Read the review
gb ArcadeLife 11 Dec 2012 9.2 Read the review
us Tapscape 03 Dec 2012 9.0 Read the review
us What 20 Dec 2012 9.0 Read the review
us AppGamer 04 Dec 2012 9.0 Read the review
ru iPhones.ru 30 Nov 2012 9.0 Read the review
de iReviewT 07 Dec 2012 8.2  
us 148Apps 30 Nov 2012 8.0 Read the review
us Modojo 12 Dec 2012 8.0 Read the review
id GameSaku 12 Dec 2012 8.0 Read the review
us AppSpy 09 Jan 2013 7.6 Read the review
us Gamezebo 05 Dec 2012 7.0 Read the review
us App Store Review 20 Sep 2014 7.0
Read reviews
fr Back to the Geek 14 Dec 2012 7.0 Read the review
us MacLife 07 Dec 2012 6.0 Read the review
gb Pocket Gamer 17 Dec 2012 6.0 Read the review
“5/5, Take out anything getting in your way between you and the App Store to grab this title" - appadvice.com

“4/5, Magic Orbz is exceptionally good fun” – 148apps.com

The PS3 smash hit Magic Orbz has arrived on mobile! It's an astonishingly beautiful ball-bouncing, block-breaking blast with 52 levels, that span pirate fleets, lush green jungles and snowy winter landscapes.

Your task seems simple - clear the level of obstacles before you run out of lives. Watch out though - pick-ups and power-downs drop from the destroyed blocks.

With the high-speed gameplay, lovers of Breakout and Arkanoid should find themselves right at home. The lots of power-ups, bizarre obstacles and in-game day-night cycle really mix up the game. When you've completed it, there are still dozens of trophies to attempt.

So go on, give it a try! Smash up the levels, gawp at the cutting edge 3D graphics, and grab power-ups as they fall - but whatever you do, don't lose your ball!

Game features:

- Three settings - Pirates, Jungle and Santa
- Addictive, hi-speed gameplay
- Gorgeous graphics and music
- Suitable for all ages!
- 52 levels and a ton of power-ups!
- More levels coming soon!

FOLLOW US: http://twitter.com/herocraft
WATCH US: http://youtube.com/herocraft
LIKE US: http://www.facebook.com/herocraft.games
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Quality Index
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16 reviews
Publisher: HeroCraft Ltd.
Formats(s): iPhone5s, iPodTouchThirdGen, iPhone5c, iPad3G, iPhone4S, iPadThirdGen4G, iPadWifi, iPhone4, iPad23G, iPhone-3GS, iPadFourthGen4G, iPadMini4G, iPadMini, iPodTouchFifthGen, iPhone5, iPadThirdGen, iPad2Wifi, iPadFourthGen, iPodTouchourthGen
Genre(s): Games, Entertainment, Action, Arcade
Filesize: 101MB
Age rating: 4+
App version: 1.0.8
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29 Jul 2014
Version: 1.0.8
28 Apr 2014
Version: 1.0.7
05 Dec 2013
Version: 1.0.6
05 Dec 2013
$1.99 to $0.00
01 Apr 2013
$0.99 to $1.99
29 Mar 2013
$1.99 to $0.99
18 Feb 2013
$0.99 to $1.99
14 Feb 2013
$1.99 to $0.99
20 Dec 2012
$0.99 to $1.99
18 Dec 2012
$1.99 to $0.99
14 Dec 2012
Version: 1.0.5
04 Dec 2012
$0.99 to $1.99
28 Nov 2012
$1.99 to $0.99
27 Nov 2012
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