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My Cooking Coach HD

My Cooking Coach HD

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Enter the world of My Cooking Coach and enjoy our world delicacies created by a culinary school and in collaboration with a renowned nutritionist! The free version features 12 mouth watering recipes you can expand to more than 200 via a simple in-app purchase!

Beautiful high resolution professional photography displayed especially on your iPad, illustrates how to make the recipes step-by-step from start to finish accompanied with professional voice narration.

You can also fill out your profile to enjoy a set of recipes tailored to your habits and tastes. Special tools like the calendar (to plan your recipes), a shopping list (to help you at the supermarket) and a unit converter make this not just a reference for your recipes but a complete cooking companion.


• High Resolution Photographs: Images of every meal step by step, a photo of the finished dish and a serving suggestion at the end.
• Intuitive User Interface: Ergonomically designed for iPad
• Customize Your Profile: Answer simple questions about your preferences including the calories, preparation time, difficulty and costs and then receive a filtered set of recipes.
• Check in advance the quantity of the ingredients required for that recipe.
• Daily Suggestions: Get them based on your customized profile.
• Recipes in 4 categories: Starters, Meals, Desserts and Others
• Search Recipe: By name & do an Advanced Search with 4 different filters – Favorites, Suggested, Ingredients and Preference.
• Professional Voice Narration: At every step to guide you through the recipes.
• Favorites: Make instant favorites and get quick access to any recipes
• Calendar: Plan and schedule any recipes and get automated notifications.
• Lexicon: Contains a description and photo of every ingredient, utensil and technique that may be used in the preparation of any of the recipes.
• Shopping List: Simply add the recipes that you wish to prepare and the requisite ingredients will be added automatically to your comprehensive Shopping List. You can mark off items as you add them to your cart and make notes on any additional goodies you want to pick up while you're out shopping.
• Conversion Tool: Switch between Metric and Imperial units any time for weight, volumes and temperatures

Treat yourself to healthy and delicious meals with My Cooking Coach!
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Publisher: Ubisoft
Formats(s): iPad2Wifi, iPad23G, iPadWifi, iPad3G
Genre(s): Food & Drink, Lifestyle
Filesize: 607MB
Age rating: 4+
App version: 1.0.1
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17 Feb 2011
Version: 1.0.1
01 Sep 2020
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