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-Replayer is an exclusive video player for iPhone that can play video formats that you normally can’t play on your iPhone.
-Using Replayer, you can play video without additional encoding work, and it supports closed caption files.
-In addition to mp4, Replayer can play various video file formats such as avi, mpg, mpeg, asf, flv, mkv, m4v, mov, wmv, vob, swf, ts, tp, rmvb, divx, kg3, mts, and m2ts. It can also play various audio file formats such as mp3, m4a, rm, wma, wav, ogg, and 3gp.
-Replayer supports the “Section Repeating” function.
By using “Section Repeating,” you can set the section of your video that you want to play repeatedly.
-Replayer offers incredible features such as play speed controls, multiple closed captions during playback, automatic indexing of extracted thumbnails, SNS and e-mail transmission of captured screens, and file transmission via Wi-Fi.

- iTunes Backup ON/OFF
If you turn it off, then the list of iPhone (iPad) videos will not be shown in the iTunes document folder and it won’t be synchronized with your PC. If you turn it on, then the list will be displayed and synchronization will be done.

- Background Video Playback
In Sleep mode, you can keep playing the video in the background and only listen to the audio.

- Touch Locking
You can use the touch locking function to prevent accidental touches on the screen from affecting video playback. If you long press the screen, then the locker icon will appear to alert you that touch operation has been disabled.

- Closed Caption Based Repeating
- You can apply one of the following methods for sliding the screen to the left.
1. OFF: Scan through video by a certain time interval
2. ON: Section movement based on the closed caption

- Playing the Video in Camera Roll
- Folder Locking
- Swiping: Left/right swiping can move the video scenes to points 10 seconds earlier or later.
- Multi closed caption support: The video and screen caption file names don’t need to match.
(You can select two arbitrary foreign language closed captions, and an integration version of the closed caption will be displayed.)
- Closed caption size control: By using your two fingers, you can pinch the screen to reduce or move your fingers apart on the screen to increase the size.
- Closed caption color change: Double tapping (use your finger to gently hit screen twice) can change the color.
- Closed caption location control: You can drag the closed caption to adjust its location.
- Closed caption synch control: By using your fingers, you can swipe the closed caption to the left or right to adjust its synch.
- Replay functions: Arbitrary section setting or sweeping your fingers to the left can set endless playback of the previous section.
- mp3 and LRC (synchronized lyrics) support: Lyrics are synchronized to your music. Section repeating is also supported.
- File management (creating, moving, or deleting a folder)
- Most video and audio formats are supported.
- Thumbnail index: You can create a shortcut to the desired location.
- SNS: While watching the video, you can send your favorite scenes with dialog lines to your friend.
- H/W decoding is supported. This provides the optimal performance for mp4 files.
- Audio DownMixing support: Fixed the bug that disables the sound of dialog while the background sound is heard.
- Multi Audio Track support: In the menu list, you can press the video detailed view button ( > ) to select the desired audio track.
- mp3 e-mail attachment support: In addition to closed caption files, you can also attach mp3 files to your e-mail.
- Closed caption synch reset function: While adjusting the closed caption synch timing, if you want to revert to the initial setting, then you can press the reset button in the closed caption control pop-up menu.
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Publisher: OneMoreTimes
Formats(s): iPad2Wifi, iPad3G, iPadWifi, iPad23G
Genre(s): Entertainment
Filesize: 45MB
Age rating: 4+
App version: 1.9.0
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20 Oct 2012
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