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Best ways to escape reality on iPad

Everyone likes to escape from the responsibilities of day to day life from time to time, and what better way to do that then to play a completely different role for 100 hours or so?

That's the magic of RPGs, with their rich fantasy worlds, and engrossing storylines. Add in their tendency to feature strategic battle systems and dauntingly deep character progression systems, and you can see why it's easy to get lost in a good RPG.

To that end, we thought it was about time we updated our recommendations and provided a Top 5 iPad RPGs list.

Get ready for an epic journey.

Bastion is the one action-RPG on this list, but it's more than deserving of its place. Featuring a beautiful and original post-apocalyptic setting, a tight real time battle system, and a novel live-narration storytelling mechanism, it's quite unlike anything else you'll have played.
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KotOR, as its fans refer to it, is widely regarded as one of the finest RPGs ever made, so it was already in with a great shout of making this list. That Aspyr has done such a good job with this iOS conversion seals the deal. There's no better way to actually BE a Jedi.
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Square Enix has worked tirelessly to bring across its highly regarded Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest series to iOS, but we thought we'd highlight Chaos Rings II here for one very simple reason: it's an original creation made specifically for mobile. As such, it looks and plays a treat even without the benefit of physical controls.
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Most RPGs are either indebted to Tolkien or Japanese anime in their sense of world-building, it seems. It's refreshing, then, to see Banner Saga, which draws from Scandinavian mythology to create its distinctive fantasy world. Its highly tactical battle system, gorgeous hand-drawn art style, and mature choose-your-own adventure storytelling also set it apart.
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As we just mentioned, there are loads of Square Enix conversions out there, but not all of them convert that well to mobile. Dragon Quest VIII deserves special mention because of its thoughtful conversion, with one-handed controls, a new portrait perspective, and a complete take on the original PS2 game's lush cartoony fantasy world.
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