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Omicron HD

us App Store Review 26 Dec 2016 8.0
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us AppSpy 18 Jun 2013 8.0 Read the review
gb Pocket Gamer 19 Jun 2013 6.0 Read the review
Omicron is a color reaction game for 1 or 2 players on the same device.
Eliminate tiles and earn bonus time as the difficulty increases.
Omicron offers 3 game modes, many power-ups and achievements.

A color appears at the beginning of each level.
Tap tiles while they show up in that color to win.
Discover the 3 different game types of Omicron:

- C L A S S I C -
Eliminate all of the tiles while they appear in the right color
and finish the level before you run out of time.
You lose time with each mistake you make.
You win time for every correct tap you make and
time gained is transferred to the next level .
This helps you to reach higher levels.
Speed increases level by level.

- A R C A D E -
In this mode, there are no single levels.
The rate of color changes increases
contstantly while eliminated tiles respawn.
For each mistake you make you lose one life.
Without extra life bonus the game is over after just five mistakes.

- V E R S U S -
Play Omicron with a friend on just one device!
Eliminate all tiles while they appear in the right color.
The first player with 3 points wins the match!

Omicron comes with Game Center leaderboards
and many achievements to unlock.
We appreciate your feedback!

"Ideal for parties and starting arguments." ~ AppSpy.com

"Omicron looks beautiful - all sharp edges and graduated shades and colours, like a Paul Klee painting" ~ PocketGamer.co.uk

"Simple, effective gameplay and high production values… colour me impressed!" ~ KnowThyApp.com

"A slick color-based puzzler and head-to-head versus design for two players" ~ IGN.com

"It is fun to put your reflexes to the test" ~ iFanzine.com

Omicron HD screenshot #1
Omicron HD screenshot #2
Omicron HD screenshot #3

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Quality Index
Publisher: Canupa
Formats(s): iPadWifi, iPad3G, iPad2Wifi, iPad23G, iPadThirdGen, iPadThirdGen4G, iPadFourthGen, iPadFourthGen4G, iPadMini, iPadMini4G
Genre(s): Games, Puzzle, Entertainment, Arcade
Filesize: 21MB
Age rating: 4+
App version: 2.1
Omicron HD image #1
14 Jun 2015
$0.00 to $0.99
11 Jun 2015
$0.99 to $0.00
13 Apr 2014
$0.00 to $0.99
11 Apr 2014
$0.99 to $0.00
09 Oct 2013
$0.00 to $0.99
06 Oct 2013
$0.99 to $0.00
01 Oct 2013
Version: 2.1
18 Sep 2013
$0.00 to $0.99
16 Sep 2013
$1.99 to $0.00
24 Aug 2013
$0.99 to $1.99
06 Aug 2013
$1.99 to $0.99
07 Jul 2013
Version: 2.0.2
23 Jun 2013
Version: 2.0.1
15 Jun 2013
Version: 2.0
23 Jul 2011
$0.99 to $1.99
08 Jul 2011
$1.99 to $0.99
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